The 14-Day Declutter Challenge

Welcome to this special 14-Day Declutter Challenge!

I’ve taken a selection of topics from my full course — Create Your Calm & Clutter-Free Home in 12 Easy Steps — to create this quick challenge for anyone looking to do something productive in their home during these times of social distancing and self-isolation.

I’ve made sure to include some of the most relevant decluttering tasks for this moment in time, such as ‘declutter your medication and first aid’ (so you know what you’ve got and what you might need to buy more of) and ‘declutter your paperwork’ (so your home office is a much nicer place to be if you’re working from home).

I’ve also included some quick advice on how to get ready to declutter as well as some tips on how to continue to live a calm and clutter-free life once the challenge ends (and when life returns to normal — what a glorious day that will be!).

Before you start this mini-course:

I really hope you enjoy this 14-Day Challenge and I hope it motivates you to lead a more simple, calm and scaled-down life when this crisis is over. Take care x