The one simple idea that will change the way you declutter forever

This is a gamechanger. It’s a subtle, but significant, shift in mindset and it will absolutely help focus your decluttering efforts.

So, you’re probably familiar with the basic decluttering process. You’ve seen it done on countless lifestyle programs. Maybe you’ve watched some YouTube clips. You’ve probably tried it a few times yourself.

And it usually starts the same way, with the same question … ‘what do I have that I can get rid of?’.

Then you picture the mountains of paperwork in the home office, the overflowing utensil drawers in the kitchen, the shoes piled on top of one another in the wardrobe.

You think about the boxes of outgrown kids’ clothes taking up valuable space in your spare room, the countless towels and sheets spilling out of the linen cupboard each time you open the doors, the toys no one plays with anymore but are still occassionally tipped out in the living room floor for no reason.

Ugh. Just thinking about it is overwhelming. I’m feeling a little stressed just typing it. No wonder we have trouble getting started!

Instead think of this …

  • a clear desktop, nothing on it but the laptop and a desk tidy (a tidy desk tidy!), a few pens, your diary and maybe a cute little llama ornament just because it makes you smile. The drawers are tidy and the small amount of paperwork you have is neatly filed away.
  • you open your kitchen utensil drawer and you can see everything you own. There’s not much there — only the essentials, all things you actually use, and it’s all within easy reach.
  • a wardrobe with rows of shoes, neatly spaced, side by side. Some beautiful, for special occasions only. Some practical. You can see them all. It’s like they’re on display.
  • a spare room you can actually use. A room full of possibilities. Empty drawers waiting for guests to put their belongings in, or space to start that hobby you’ve been wanting to try or a toyroom so you can banish toys from the living room and bedrooms and give the kids their own space. Maybe a nursery for a new arrival!
  • a linen closet that’s almost beautiful. Just enough towels, folded and stacked neatly. Spare sheets in tidy bundles that make it easily to find what you’re looking for. It’s so organised you want to photograph it. Maybe you do!
  • a living room without toys, a grown-up space you can relax in at the end of the day, when the kids are finally asleep and you can eat that chocolate/drink that glass of wine/cup of tea in peace (until, if you’re like me, you nod off 25 mins later!)

Ah! Isn’t that better?

Instead of picturing yourself sorting through the chaos, you’ve pictured yourself enjoying the end result — the calm.

Instead of thinking ‘what can I get rid of?’, think ‘what do I want to keep?’.

It’s decluttering, flipped on it’s head. It’s starting at the end. And why not? You wouldn’t go on any other journey without knowing the destination so why should this be any different.

You want something to work towards, you want a goal and you want motivation.

Start with what you want to keep and then you’ll just want to get rid of everything else.

Because, if a calm and clutter-free life is what you want, then I promise you , this will help you get there quicker.


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