My story

When I was eight years old I categorised and labelled all the books in my bookcase. When I was nine my hobby was rearranging my bedroom furniture.

At 10, I drew up a Daily Routine chart for my two cats and insisted they stick to it … you can probably imagine how impressed they were.

The point is, I’ve been organising myself (and, with less success, my cats) for as long as I can remember. I was decluttering before the word was invented and I have always been far too excited about diaries, to-do lists and stationery. I love being organised and, truth be told, I have such a terrible memory that I simply HAVE to be organised.

For a long time I was very happy residing in my tidy, simple and organised world – where everything was always put where it belonged, benchtops were clear and all the housework could be done on a Saturday morning.

Then something happened … I had children. And, for a while, I struggled.

I wanted to be organised but time was a long-forgotten luxury. I wanted to be a good mother but I found it hard to keep my cool among the ever-increasing chaos. I wanted a clean home but every time I cleaned one room, the children were busy making a mess in another.

I needed to find some calm. I needed to find a way to be more efficient. I needed to be even more organised than ever. Because what I really needed was to focus on the important things in life. And my family needed me to enjoy life and be the best mother I could be – not the stressed out, always-tired, struggling mum I was in danger of becoming.

So here I am – not perfect (but who is?) but happy. Happy that I’ve finally found some balance in life. And happy that in some small way I might be able to help others find it too.

Rebecca x